Chikhaldara : An Unexplored Hill Station in Maharashtra

Chikhaldara : An Unexplored Hill Station in Maharashtra

It is mandatory for us to plan at least one rainy trip every year and we are going to terribly miss it this year because of COVID - 19. One such destination that we explored in rains was Chikhaldara. I had read a lot about this place and also checked a lot of online pictures and they were absolutely breath-taking. Chikhaldara is the only hill station in Amravati district and is featured in the epic of the Mahabharata, this is the place where Bheema killed the villainous Keechaka and threw him into the valley. It thus came to be known as Keechakadara—Chikhaldara. So we started planning this long weekend trip in August when it doesn't rain a lot so you can do all the sightseeing without any hassle and the weather is just beautifully perfect. Everything was planned ahead of time and the day arrived for us to start our journey to this most beautiful hill station in the state of Maharashtra.

We boarded Howrah Mail from CST station at 20:45 and reached Bandnera railway station at 7:45 in the morning.

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Day 1 : We had booked a room for 2 nights at Satpura Retreat in Chikhaldara and they arranged a pick-up, drop and sightseeing vehicle for Rs. 7000/-. Accordingly, 8 seater vehicle came to pick us up from Badnera Railway station. We placed our luggage in the vehicle and started our way up to the hill station. As we were nearing our destination the air started getting cooler and it was foggy all around. We could smell the freshness in the air. We reached our resort which was placed at the end of the road. We clicked some awesome pictures sitting on the foggy deserted road. The resort was not a luxury one but was clean and well kept and the best one in Chikhaldara. We checked in into our rooms, freshened up and went out for a stroll in the resort. The resort is a small one with a machan where u can have lunch or dinner. It also has a beautiful pond; we could see clouds floating on the water, a beautiful sight to remember.

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We had our lunch in the resort itself and after lunch, we were picked up by our driver for local sightseeing. Our first stop was Bheemkund, it is believed as per the mythology, Bheem killed a demon "Kichak" here and then washed his hands in what is now called Bheem Kund. It is also a pilgrimage place. One of the spectacular waterfall in the region, from where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley and waterfall.

Later we had a boat ride in Shakkar Lake with clouds passing by slowly across the lake. It was beauty at its best and we thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Our last stop for the day was Gawilgadh, unfortunately by the time we reached it closed and therefore we just clicked some pictures around and returned back the next day morning.

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We went back to our resort had our dinner and went to sleep peacefully. The best part was throughout the trip we experienced a misty atmosphere which was absolutely romantic.

Day 2 : Next day morning after our customary morning cup of tea we visited a nearby market and bought some stuff to eat which was snatched away by the monkeys while returning back. Beware of the monkeys here, they are dangerous.

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After breakfast, we set out for Gawilgadh. This historically significant place was the mountain stronghold of the Maratha Empire during the British rule in India. The constant protest and war raged against the British by the mighty Marathas led to a situation where the British had to shed away their idea of taking over this place. This is a must-visit place. The most noticeable features of Gawilgarh fort are – its Persian inscriptions, two lakes, teen darwazey (3 gates), a ruined mosque inside the fort which was built using Pathan style of architecture. We could not cover the whole fort since we had a child with us but we would definitely visit it again to see more.

After the fort visit we had our lunch and got all ready for the most beautiful experience. As the Melghat Tiger Reserve was closed due to monsoons we were taken for a ride around the reserve and it was one of the best rides we ever had experienced. We visited the top most point named Vairat where a small temple is situated. The experience is beyond words. You have to visit this place specifically in monsoons to see heaven on Earth. After the delightful ride we were dropped back to our resort.

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Day 3 : We had planned to visit Narnala Fort on the last day but due to some health issues, we cancelled the same last minute. Narnala Fort is around 3 hrs from Chikhaldara. It is the birthplace of Aurangzeb's great-grandson. Narnala, also known as "Shahnur Fort", is a hill fortress named after the Rajput Ruler Narnala Singh. The fort was first established in 10 century A.D. by Gond Kings. In the 15th Century, it was occupied and rebuilt by the Mughals.

As we dropped the plan to visit this historical fort we just relaxed in the resort and left for our way back home with loads of beautiful memories to look back on and a promise to visit this place again before it catches the eye of the maddening crowd of the cities.

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