History of Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha.

History of Jagannath Temple in Puri, Odisha.

One of the four Dhams of Hindus is the Jagannath Temple in Puri. Especially for Vishnu and Krishna worshipers, it is a holy place of pilgrimage. The Jagannath Temple is located on the seacoast of Puri. After King Indradyumna initially built the temple, Jagannath temple was rebuilt in the twelfth century by King Anantavarman Chodaganga of the Ganga dynasty. But his descendant Angavima Deb completed the work of the temple. Although there is disagreement among historians about the builders of the temple. Jagannath Temple surrounded by a 20 feet wall on 10.7 acres of land. There are four special rooms in the temple called Bhogmandir, Natmandir, Jagmohana, and Deul. Food is served in the Bhogmandir, dance and song arrangements are made in the Natmandir, devotees perform puja in the Jagmohan, and worship idols are placed in the Deul. The structure of the main temple is built a little higher than the ground and covered by two rectangular walls. The outer courtyard is called the Meghnad Wall (200 m / 192 m) and the inner base is known as the Kurmabed (128 m / 95 m). The temple has four entrances - Singhadwar, Hashwadwar, Khanjadwar, and Hastidwar. Around thirty small and big temples can be seen in the vicinity of Jagannath temple. On the wall of the temple are well-decorated idols of Jagannath, Jagannath's elder brother Balaram and sister Subhadra Devi. In addition to their idols, the gods Sudarshan, Sridevi, Bhudevi, and Madhav are also worshiped by the devotees. Here, every morning, the teenage boys follow certain rituals and climb the 65-meter (210-foot) height of the temple and place the flags on the wheel. The old flags of the previous day were sold at auction among the people. The kitchen of Jagannath temple is also considered to be the largest kitchen in the world. Mahaprasad is made here with almost fifty-six different materials. Lots of cooking is done here every day, but it has been seen that the food of the temple has never been wasted to date.

Unusuality and folk belief of Jagannath Temple :

  • The upper part of the Jagannath temple has a large strange magnetic force, which is believed to protect the temple from any kind of destruction.

  • It is said that nothing can pass through the temple. No birds have ever been seen flying over the temple.

  • It is heard that no matter where the sun is, there is no shadow on the top of the temple on the ground.

  • Jagannath Temple is located near the sea of Puri. But when you enter the temple precincts, there is no sound of the sea. The reason for this is that the Brahmins say that Subhadra Devi wanted peace to prevail inside the temple, so no sound can disturb the peace of the temple.

  • The flag at the top of the temple is hoisted every morning. The flag is always seen flying against the wind.

There are many such folk tales scattered around the temple of Jagannath Dev.

The advent of Lord Jagannath :

Once Sri Krishna appeared before his devotee Raja Indradyumna and ordered him to make an idol of him with a piece of wood floating on the beach of Puri. Just as the king was looking for a suitable carpenter to build the idol, a mysterious old Brahmin carpenter appeared before him. He asked the king for a few days to build the idol and told him not to let anyone interfere with his work. Behind the door, the construction of the wooden sculpture began. Everyone, including the king and queen, became very curious about the construction work. Every day they would go to the closed door to hear the sound of carving from inside. Except for a few days, when the king is standing outside, the sound stops. The queen, unable to suppress her curiosity, opened the door and entered. Then they see the idol half-finished and the woodworker missing. This mysterious woodworker was Devashilpi Bishwakarma. The king was perplexed because the idol's limbs had not been made, and began to repent for interrupting the work. Then Devarshi Narad consoled the king and said that this half-finished idol is a recognized form of the Supreme Lord. This is how Jagannath Deva appeared.


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