10 Best Places in West Bengal for a Weekend Trip in Monsoon

10 Best Places in West Bengal for a Weekend Trip in Monsoon

Travelling in monsoon is a different kind of fun. If you go to the sea to enjoy the fish stock if you go to a hilly place to enjoy the clouds in the mountains if you go to the forest to see the green to satisfy your eyes, enjoy the smell of rain-soaked soil. Plan a short vacation with family or friends to these places to visit in West Bengal in monsoon.

Here I have chosen the 10 best weekend destinations in West Bengal to travel this monsoon.

1. Digha :

If you want to take a short tour in West Bengal, you will first think of Digha. Bengali's all-time favourite Digha. In the monsoon season, Digha can be recognized in a different way. You can enjoy the waves by walking along the beach or sitting on the balcony of the hotel. Another special attraction is Hilsa fish at this time. From July to September, these three months Hilsa-filled trawlers arrive in Digha. If you are a non-vegetarian, you must eat fish and rice and don't forget to eat Hilsa.

How to Reach Digha : Digha can be reached in many ways. Government or private buses are going to Digha from almost all the important bus terminals of Kolkata and South Bengal. You can also go to Digha by train. Three trains go to Digha from Howrah every day. Tamralipta Express, Super AC Express and Kandari Express. Digha can also be reached by the weekly Paharia Express from New Jalpaiguri and the weekly Digha Express from Malda Town.

Best option to Stay in Digha : Hotel Asha International.

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2. Shantiniketan :

Go to Santiniketan to watch the rain. Sitting on the balcony, sipping a cup of tea and watching the rain. Enjoy the smell of rain sitting at the hotel. Let's go to Sonajhuri, Khowai. Breathe in the smell of rain rising from the red soil. Take the fragrance of wet soil. And the places associated with the memory of Rabindranath have to go. The Santiniketan tour is not complete without them. Where Santiniketan is a perfect weekend trip in monsoon.

How to Reach Shantiniketan : Going to Santiniketan by train is the most convenient. There are many trains from Howrah and Sealdah to Bolpur-Santiniketan all day. However, the best train from Howrah at 10:10 am is the Santiniketan Express. It reaches Bolpur-Santiniketan at 12:25 pm. You can also reach Santiniketan by Ganadevata Express, Rampurhat Express. The road distance from Kolkata to Santiniketan is 161 km. You can visit Shantiniketan by West Bengal Tourism Package.

Best option to Stay in Shantiniketan : Hotel Royal Bengal.

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3. Mandarmani :

You must find Mandarmoni when you search for West Bengal Beach Destinations. Mandarmani is the second most popular beach in Bengal after Digha. The vast sea beach and the wonderful canvas of the blue sea. Take a walk around the sea beach of Mandarmoni. You can bathe in the sea with caution. You can trek along the coast to Tajpur beach. Enjoy the sunrise from Mandarmani.

How to Reach Mandarmani : There is no direct train from Kolkata to Mandarmani. However, the place near Mandarmani is Kanthi. If you want to go by train from Kolkata, you have to come to Kanthi from Howrah. And from there you can reach Mandarmani by private car. The distance from Kanthi to Mandarmani will be only 21 km.

If you want to go to Mandarmani by bus, get off at Chawlkhola on the bus going to Digha, from here you will get a car, toto, motor van to Mandarmani. There are also a few buses that come directly to Mandarmani.

Best option to Stay in Mandarmani : Sher Bengal Beach Resort.

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4. Garh Panchkot :

Garh Panchkot is one of those amazing places that give your soul peace of mind. The fresh natural beauty of the place is definitely a great thing for people who want to enjoy their time. The great view of the mountains and forests present here ensures that it creates a great weekend destination for travellers. In monsoon Tamal, Sal, Pulse, Sonajuri, and many more that will revive your senses you can just go to the forest. The amazing aroma of leaves and flowers will make you fall in love with the place.

How to Reach Garh Panchkot : The best option is to get off at Kumardubi station on Howrah – Dhanbad line. From Kumardubi. You will take a reserve car from Kumardubi to Garh Panchkot or you can call the resort manager to arrange a car. You can alternatively come through Asansol or Barakar. It's about an hour's drive through National Highway 2.

When you come from Asansol, turn left from Asansol and take the road to Raghunathpur. When you reaching Satbari stop, your destination is a few kilometres away from the village road.

Best option to Stay in Garh Panchkot : Garh Panchkot Eco-Tourism Resort.

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5. Mukutmanipur :

Mukutmanipur is a confluence of Kansai river and Kumari river. The road on the right from Khatra to Ranibandh will reach Mukutmanipur through the middle of the hills and forest. It is unbelievable to see the beauty of this mountain-forest in monsoon. The monsoon can be better enjoyed by any hotel next to the dam. Take a look at Ambikanagar, the ruined palace of Raicharan Dhabaldeb; Shiva temple on the road over the dam at Pareshnath Tila.

How to Reach Mukutmanipur : You can reach Bankura by Ruposhi Bangla Express from Howrah and from there you can reach Mukutmanipur, 45 km away, by car or by renting a car. You can also go directly to Mukutmanipur by bus from Kolkata.

Best option to Stay in Mukutmanipur : Peerless Resort.

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6. Bishnupur :

Bishnupur is incomparable among many historical places of West Bengal. The history of the Malla kings is scattered in every corner of Bishnupur. The Temple city Bishnupur has a huge collection of terracotta architecture. The artwork of these temples will overwhelm you. You must plan a weekend trip to see these temples in the greenery around in the rainy season.

How to Reach Bishnupur : You can reach Bishnupur by Ruposhi Bangla Express or Purulia Exp from Howrah. You can also go to Bishnupur by bus from Kolkata.

Best option to Stay in Bishnupur : Hotel Annapurna.

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7. Ajodhya Hills :

The Ajodhya Hills and the surrounding areas are a great place to spend a weekend in this monsoon season. The Ajodhya hills are a part of the Dalma Hills and an extended part of the Purbaghat range on the Jharkhand border in Purulia district. Its highest peak is Gorgaburu with dense jungle and waterfalls. Turga Falls, Turga Dam, Bamni river waterfalls become more enchanting in the rainy season. Shal-Shimul-Shirish-Mahua-Teak-shaded forest on the hill, small waterfalls suddenly created in the rainwater and the chirping of innumerable birds seem to captivate. Plan a weekend trip to Ayodhya, visit the village of Mathaburu and Charida.

How to Reach Ajodya Hills : The nearest rail station to reach Ajodhya Hills is Barrabhum and Suisa. The Howrah Chakradharpur Express, Lalmati Express and Howrah Ranchi Intercity Express connect Howrah to Barrabhum.

However, you can also reach the Purulia Station. From Barrabhum or Purulia you can reach Ajodya Hills by car.

Best option to Stay in Ajodhya Hill : Kushal Palli Resort.

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8. Jhargram :

Jhargram is a wonderful weekend destination not far from Kolkata. Tourists throng all year round. And in the rainy season, Jhargram became more majestic. The shale jungle, the red soil and the history of Jhargram will give you a wonderful holiday experience. Even on a rainy day, the shawl forest acts as an umbrella. Come and visit Jambani-Chilkigarh-Gidhani-Belpahari-Kankrajhor-Ghagra-Tarafeni.

How to Reach Jhargram : Jhargram can be reached by train from Howrah. The best trains to reach Jhargram are Ispat Express, Steel Express and bi-weekly Lalmati Express. Distance between Kolkata to Jhargram is 178 km by Road.

Best option to Stay in Jhargram : Aranya Sundari Guest House.

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9. Baranti :

On one side is the Muradi hill and on the other side is the Baranti, in the middle, there is a straight path. There are many hills around. This is an impeccable weekend destination. When the reflection of the mountains floats in the clear water of the lake at sunset, the Baranti becomes heavenly. In the rainy season, the hills become greener. Numerous small waterfalls are created. So these mountains hear endless tunes. Shal-Teak-Mahua, how many unnamed birds, colourful butterflies enchant Baranti.

How to Reach Baranti : You can reach Asansol or Adra by train and from there you can reach Muradi by passenger train. The Muradi train from Asansol will take half an hour. Baranti is 4 km from Muradi.

Best option to Stay in Baranti : Allure De Baranti.

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10. Dooars :

There are so many tourist places in North Bengal but Dooars is quite different. Doors are one of the best weekend tourist spots in West Bengal with its mountains, rivers and jungles. The forest is closed from 15th June to 15th September except in some places. But if Dooars really has to be seen in its original form, then there is no comparison to the rain. The green nature that is adorned at this time is incomparable. Another advantage is that there is no crowd of tourists at this time and you will get special ‘Monsoon’ discounts at the hotel-lodge-resort. If you want to relax on the balcony of the hotel and enjoy the rain, to see nature, your destination should be Doors.

How to Reach Dooars : Doors can go in many ways. You can get off the train at New Jalpaiguri and take the car to Dooars. You can also take the Kanchankanya Express from Sealdah to New Mall Junction and depart from there. You can also reach Alipurduar by train and start your journey from there. Many buses operate from Kolkata to various cities in North Bengal including Siliguri.

Best option to Stay in Dooars : Green Touch Dooars

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